LASPAA Seeks Review Of Pool Edict


As part of the ongoing effort to see a sanitised pools industry, Lagos State Pools Agents Association (LASPAA), has called on the Lagos State Government to review all the existing edicts on pools betting to conform with the modern reality which the business is facing today.

President of the association, Major Sammy Ogunyebo (retd), said that edicts of 1980, 1986 and 1995 are laws promulgated by past governments in the state.

Sammy said his association will either want a strict implementation of the provisions of the edicts by the government or a major review of these laws, which will pave way for a new edict that will take into consideration the proposal his association submitted to the Office of Governor few months ago.

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“I am happy that our proposal is receiving special attention from Mr. Ade Ipaye, the Special Adviser on Revenue and Taxation to Governor Fashola. He has told us that he is planning to meet with Mr. Fowler, who heads the state’s Inland Revenue Board. This is a good news to us,” he said, adding, “I will like government to revisit the exiting edicts on pools business in the state. Provisions of these edicts, if strictly implemented, will help sanitise the business. I will also want government to look at some of the provisions of these edicts for review and take into consideration our proposal at the end of which we can have a fine tuned law that will guide the operators of the business in the state.

“The existing laws are very clear on 1-14 full odds payment with no commission to stakers. Promoters were barred from owing betting shops, but they are having 80 per cent of such shops spread across the state. The laws also stipulate penalties for offenders, but what are we having today? Flagrant abuse of the laws by both government officials and promoters.

“I am happy that Mr. Ipaye and Fowler are meeting over our proposal to Governor Fashola. I have given them some references to the gazettes that will guide them on what to look for when deliberating on our proposal. This will help fine-tune government’s policy we are expecting at the end of the day. Delay is dangerous. The administration of Governor Raji Fashola should come out with a policy statement that will help sanitise the industry. My members are crying on daily basis, we want Mr. Ipaye to expedite action on our case so that the governor will be able to act promptly on our case.”

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