Mom Abandons Daughter In Church


A 13-year old girl, Loveth Oben has been abandoned at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Egbe, Lagos Nigeria by her mother, Alade who called her a witch.

Alade who resides in Nasarawa State was alleged to have accused her daughter of being behind her woes and decided to bring her to the church where she dumped her and left for over six weeks.

Narrating her ordeal in the hands of her mother, Miss  Loveth Oben told P.M.NEWS that her mother has been calling her a witch before she decided to dump her at the church without the knowledge of the church authority.

She said that her mother told her that she was the cause of her problems and wanted her to confess that she was a witch which she refused.

“Because of this, she has been maltreating me, beating me and deprived me all parental care,” she said adding that she did not know her dad and her mom refused to tell her anything about him.

On how she came to Lagos, she narrated that sometime ago, her mother asked her to dress up that they were going to somewhere but she did not know that her mother was taking her to the church.

On getting to the church she asked her to stay in a place and left. Since then, Loveth said she has not seen her mother again while efforts to locate her had so far proved abortive. She said that she has no spiritual problem. She denied being a witch as claimed by her mother.

She said that the church authority took notice of her and asked her what happened. They pitied her and started to take care of her.

Meanwhile, Loveth has been taken to Juvenile Welfare Centre, Alakara, Idi Oro Mushin, Lagos through the church authorities after they had assisted her immensely.

The matron of the centre, Mrs. Adisa Patricia also confirmed the incident and said that it was the church that brought her to the home. “Since then we have been trying to rehabilitate her,” she stated.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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