Today Declared No Music Day


Today, September 1, has been declared “No Music Day” throughout Nigeria by the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition.

The Nigerian Music Industry Coalition is a coalition of the key national associations in the Nigerian music industry.

Today is being dedicated to drawing national and international attention to the widespread infringement of the rights of composers, song writers, performers, music publishers and other stakeholders in the music industry in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Music industry coalition has indeed declared September 1 of every year as No Music Day, a day, once a year, to focus on the long struggle for the rights of all creative people in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria.

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Broadcast stations all over the country have been encouraged to devote sometime today solely to the broadcast of interviews, debates, comments, discussions, and other programs related to the rights of artistes and creative people as a mark of solidarity with the Nigerian creative community. Similarly, all national newspapers and magazines have also been requested to do special features and editorials on the subjects.

Top Nigerian artiste and key personalities in the music industry have been asked to make themselves available for interviews and discussions across the various media to make “No Music Day” memorable.

Copyright Society of Nigeria, COSON, the nation’s sole copyright collective management organization for musical works and sound recordings has declared an open day at its headquarters in Lagos for journalist who may wish to conduct interviews with officers and members of the society or update themselves with the processes of collective management of copyright.

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