Architect Petitions AIG Over Threat To Life, Demolition Of Property


A Lagos-based architect, Mr. Bamidele Oyeyipo, has petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of  Police (AIG), Mr. Azubiko Udah, over threat to his life and malicious damage of his property,  Dove International Limited on 45/47, Martins Street, Lagos.

In a petition dated 29 July, 2010 which indicated that Dove International Limited had  developer/lease agreement with the Animasahun family and in spite of the fact that the lease  was still subsisting and with tenants in the premises with their goods and wares, the trustees  and some members of the Animashahun family entered the property and demolished the structures  of Dove International on 17 July, 2010.

According to Oyeyipo’s business associate, Mr. Olakunle Eniyandunmo, “the building on 45/47,  Martins Street, Lagos, a seven-storey building, was a shopping complex before the demolition.  The Animashaun family leased it to Dove International Limited and was developed, while the  lease period agreed upon was 40 years.

“The bone of contention was that there was a partial collapse whereby the shootout balcony of  the 6th floor fell due to lapses on the part of the workers during construction and when it  rained, it became soaked and collapsed which caused the Lagos State government to seal up the  place and revoked its Certificate of Occupancy.

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“The Lagos State government, however, ordered that a laboratory test for structural stability  of the building be done and was found structurally okay, while an independent structural  engineer, Moshe Valiant Consultants, who also carried out its own test found it structural  okay.

“Thereafter, Animashahun family took the government to court for the possession of their land  and while the case between Dove International Limited and Animashaun family was still in court  in the suit number M/353/208 before Justice Ojikutu Oshodi of Lagos High Court and adjourned  till 20 September, 2010, we suddenly discovered, to our surprise, that demolition took place  despite the fact that the case is in court.”

Counsel to Dove International Limited, Barrister Adeniyi Adebisi, said “we implore the AIG, Mr.  Azubuko Udah, to investigate this case of forgery, threat to life and malicious damage to  property of Dove. The Animashaun family has no right to demolish our client’s structure on the  land so that our client would not suffer unjustly from the above named Animashaun family.”

—Oluwole Adeboye

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