Church Provides For Widows, Orphans


The Prelate of the Church of God in Christ in Nigeria, Bishop Olusola Olukolade has decried the  level of care given to the widows in the country.

He made this known while speaking to journalists at the 24th  anniversary of the church,  during which food items were distributed to the widows at the church auditorium in,Yaba, Lagos,  Nigeria.

“The Bible admonishes Christians that old women should become the responsibility of the churchy  while those who are not old should go and re-marry. But in Nigeria it does not work like that.  So we are not focusing on old women because the church is already taking care of them. We are  focusing on those younger ones because as widows in Nigeria you know what they go through. Many  of them have got too many children to be able to get another husband.

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“From the beginning, we took the widows and the single parents as the core people that we  ministered to. There are children as well, including orphans and street children. All these  children are offered scholarships.”

—Paul Sanusi

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