Residents Cry Out Over ‘Killer’ Drain


Residents of Ago Egba area of Lagos Mainland Local Government Area, have drawn the attention of  the state and local governments to a drainage at Coates Street junction of Borno Way that poses  death trap to the people of the area.

Chief Folajimi Timothy, the Lisa of Ago-Egba, who spoke with Lagos Bulletin on behalf of the  inhabitants of the area, said the drainage had earlier taken the lives of two persons while  trying to clear it in 2007 and that since that time, they have been calling on the local  government authority to find lasting solution to the problem but such attempts have been  rebuffed.

Chief Timothy also stated that apart from the killer drainage, other drainage channels along  Borno Way have been filled with silt and this, he said, has adversely contributed to flooding  that they usually experience in the community any time it rains.

On the attempt made to draw the attention of the government to the problem, the community  leader said that he personally wrote two letters to the chairman of Lagos Mainland council on  13 April and 9 June, 2010, which are yet to be responded to.

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He called on the state government to assist them in tackling flood problem in the area by  clearing the silted drain channels and rehabilitate the collapsed killer drainage for free flow  of water whenever it rains.

A visit to the area by Lagos Bulletin recently, it was observed that the said killer drainage  is still in collapsed state, while traders were seen carrying out their business activities  around it.

It was also observed that the Borno Way road, especially between Kano and Ibadan streets is in  a deplorable state due to waste water from the silted drains flowing to the road.

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