BBA All Stars: Nigeria's Uti For Eviction



After a fascinating day of nominations on Monday (30 August), Uti, Code and Munya are up for  eviction from M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars this week. Munya is now up for eviction for a fifth  consecutive week after Head of House Mwisho saved him and put the Zimbabwean in his place.


The housemates gathered in the lounge on Monday evening as Big Brother announced that Code,  Mwisho and Uti were up for eviction this week. Mwisho was then summoned to the Diary Room to  make his Head of House decision. He spent a long time contemplating the situation, taking into  account the fact that his friend Uti was up for eviction with him. Eventually, he decided to  save himself and put Munya up for eviction in his place – meaning that the Zimbabwean is up for  a sixth consecutive time!

During his nomination session, Mwisho nominated Kaone and Code. He chose Kaone because he said  he could handle it, and Code because he could save him if necessary.

Paloma nominated Mwisho – because he could save himself – and Munya because she can “survive  again”.

Uti resisted the urge to take revenge on Jennifer for playing a role in having Sheila evicted  on Sunday and nominated Code and Paloma instead. He chose Code because he has a lot of support  in the house and Paloma because he feels they just can’t get along.

Jen seemed to have made her mind up before entering the Diary Room and swiftly nominated Uti  and Meryl. “No personal reasons Biggie. It’s just that Sheila was their friend and I switched  Code with her and now she’s gone, so it will put me on the spot for this week,” she said.

Munya nominated along geographical lines again, picking pals Mwisho and Uti based on the  location of their countries.

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Kaone nominated Mwisho because he could save himself and then the Tanzanian’s sweetheart,  Meryl, who he has nominated a number of times.

Meryl went for Paloma and Kaone this week, telling Big Brother that Paloma is not who she  claims to be and she didn’t like the new side of the Zambian she had seen recently. Her reason  for nominating Kaone was that he and Paloma had formed an alliance which needed to be broken.

Code nominated Meryl and Uti – the former because he doesn’t think she likes him very much and  the latter because he is always teasing people, which Code doesn’t like.

The Barnmates had their say too, with Sheila kicking off proceedings. She nominated Jen –  because the Mozambican had gotten her evicted – and Paloma, because she has never been up for  eviction before.

Lerato also nominated Jen, because she had never been up for eviction before and Code because  he was the one person she was comfortable nominating because her options were limited.

Tatiana took some time to explain how difficult nomination sessions were becoming before naming  Mwisho and Uti as her nominees. She said she had the same reason for nominating both – they had  not become close in the house.

Yacob told Big Brother he would like to see Munya and Code up for eviction next. He blamed them  for his eviction to The Barn and told Big Brother that he will continue to nominate them  because they “did him in.”

— Bayo Adetu

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