Orphanage Overcrowded With Inmates


The Lagos State Children Transit Home in Idi Araba, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria is now overcrowded  with inmates.

The four-room apartment now houses more than 75 male and female children. The children are now  sleeping on the bare floor.

checks revealed that the overcrowding was due to the state government’s decision to  close illegal orphanages in the state. When the illegal orphanages were closed, the children  were transferred to the recognized ones.

When P.M.NEWS visited the home, more than 75 children were seen around the place but the  inmates have turned their dinning area into sleeping rooms.

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When P.M.NEWS attempted to speak with the deputy head of the orphanage, who did not mention his  name, he declined to comment on the situation claiming that he was not authorized to speak on  the matter.

Pressed further, he said they are handling the situation with care while trying every means  possible to reduce the number of inmates adding that state government has been making efforts  to secure better accommodation for the children.

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