RTEAN Rejects New Caretaker Committee


National Secretary-General of the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN),  Alhaji Danlami Garba Navom, has declared that there was no meeting where a decision was  taken to reconstitute a caretaker to replace the existing one which has been on ground since  January, 2010.

According to Alhaji Navom: “Article 19 (a) of our constitution says ‘the Secretary-General  shall be the Chief Executive of the association whether zone, state or chapel,’ while  Article 7 (iii) (e) says ‘the Secretary-General shall be a signatory to all cheques,  documents and legal instrument of the association.

”The duties of the National President is to preside over all the annual, general, special  and executive council meetings of the association and shall sign all their minutes; he shall  have a vote and in conjunction with other officers and officials of the association, he  shall superintend the general administration of the affairs of the association and endeavour  to secure the observance of the constitution.’

”Hence, the President has no constitutional right to sign and dispatch any document without  the prior knowledge of all other officers especially, the Secretary-General. So, any  letter/document not written, signed and dispatched from the office of the Secretary-General  should be disregarded by members of the public and should be treated as illegal, null and  void. Therefore, the letter allegedly signed by the National President reconstituting the  new caretaker committee for the Lagos State branch is illegal, null and void.”

The National Secretary said the tenure of the present caretaker expires when elections into  various positions are conducted and winners are sworn in to take over from the caretaker  committee and elections have not been conducted for now which means that the caretaker  committee has the mandate of the NEC to continue, pending when elections would be conducted.

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The National President of the association, Elder Olufemi Ajewole, had earlier in a  publication reconstituted the Lagos caretaker committee, saying that most members of the  committee were contesting for various positions in the coming elections and hence could no  longer serve in the committee.

It was learnt that most of the new names in the reconstituted committee were also contesting  for various positions in the forthcoming elections except Mr. Joseph Rotimi from the Ekiti  State branch and Mr. Matthew Awaye from the Ogun State branch.

Elections into various positions of the Executive Council of the Lagos State branch of RTEAN  was earlier scheduled to hold between 19 and 20 August, 2010 but was postponed to prevent  crisis in the union.

Following this, the NEC mandated the caretaker committee to continue in a letter with  reference number RTEAN NHQ/ADM/EC/35, dated 21  August, 2010 and signed by the National  Secretary-General.

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