What People Say About The Big Fight


On 11 September, IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko (54-3, 48 KO’s) and Samuel  Peter (34-3, 27 KO’s) will clash in a long awaited rematch in Germany. ADEBOBOLA ALAWODE  sought the views of professional boxers and  administrators on their expectations ahead of  the bout.

FEMI SHOLANKE, Peter’s former sparring partner.
On paper, Peter has all it takes to defeat Klitschko because the “Nigerian Nightmare” would  be going out for an outright win. I believe the Akwa Ibom State-born pugilist knows the task  ahead of him. He would not want to lose to Wladimir again. If you could recall during their  first fight, Peter sent him to the canvas on three occasions but he lost the bout via split  decisions. The time has come for Peter to make amends by reclaiming the title. Peter was my  sparring partner before he turned professional, I know him then to be a rugged fighter.

REMI ABODERIN, Secretary Nigeria Boxing Board of Control, (NBBof C)
Peter has the backing of the NBBof C. We are wishing him the best of luck, because in the  first place he is fighting for himself and not the country. As a professional boxer; it is  only when his name is mentioned that they would refer to him as a Nigerian. If he eventually  wins, the money goes into his pocket. The fight is a big opportunity for Peter to rediscover  himself and to redeem his battered image.

National Lightweight Champion
As a soldier I always tell my friends that boxing is like a battlefield where you should be  prepared for the worst. Boxing is an individual sport, where you need your strength to  overcome your opponent, there is no room for relaxation. Unlike football where you have your  teammates to cover up for you whenever you are tired, this is not applicable in boxing. In  boxing you don’t have a hiding place, but I know Peter would win the bout.

ONYEKA ELUM, Boxing Manager
As a Nigerian and boxing manager, my wish is to see Peter wins the fight. The reason is that  if Peter wins, it would open more windows for other Nigerian boxers to make it big in  boxing. It is the wish of every Nigerian that “The Nigerian Nightmare” wins the fight. For  example, when he won the interim WBC title, he was able to drag boxing promoter Don King to  the country. So you can imagine those that would be willing to visit Nigeria if he wins on  Saturday. His victory will open new frontiers for Nigerians.

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FEMI AJAYI, Commonwealth Games Silver Medallist
Victory is negotiable for Peter. He is an all round boxer, he was able to knockdown Wladimir  on three occasions back in 2005. Peter lost the first bout as a result of poor instructions  from his corner. If his corner had adopted a different approach in the first fight he would  have won the fight. Since Wladimir is taller than Peter, I expect his coaches to approach  the fight in a different fashion. If Peter avoids running away from Wladimir, I see him  coming back to the country with the belt.
Mojeed Okedara, National Super Middleweight champion
The die is cast and the stage is set for Peter to rewrite history. He was an interim  champion so if he wins Saturday’s fight he would become the first black to reclaim his  title. I’m looking forward to the fight with high expectations just like every other  Nigerian and boxing enthusiast.

OLADELE PIUS, Boxing enthusiast
I have been praying and fasting for Peter. Keeping vigil for him on Saturday will not be a  task too big for me to do. In his previous fights I kept vigil for him, filled up my  generator with enough gas  because I don’t want PHCN to deny me the opportunity of watching  the bout life. This weekend’s won’t be an exception  I see Peter defeating Wladimir provided  he gets the right instructions from his corner.

KOLA ABIMBOLA, Professional boxer
Saturday’s fight is a must win for Peter. I believe he must have learnt his lessons from the  Klitschkos. He also must have learnt that there is no short cut to success. He should be  prepared to lay down his life.

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