Why I'm Vying For House Of Reps


Chairman, Orile Agege Local Council Development Area, Hon. Taofeek Abiodun Adaranijo, speaks  with Jamiu Yisa, on why he wants to represent Agege Federal Constituency at the Federal  House of Representatives and other issues.

There is a rumour making the rounds that you have opted out of the Agege Federal  Constituency’s House of Representatives race.  How true is this?
This sounds ridiculous and absolutely far from the truth, there is nothing like that and  there will never be anything like that. As you can see my billboards are everywhere and that  is to show you that I am still very much in the race and my ambition is intact. As am  talking to you, am the party’s most favoured candidate to represent my people at the House  of Representatives.

You seems to have so much confidence in clinching your party’s ticket for the House of  Representatives slot of your constituency. So why do you want to represent Agege in the  lower chamber?
I am an indigene of this local government and we don’t have any  Federal Government projects  in this community except one, the express road that passed through this area to Abeokuta. We  have been electing representatives in this local government into the National Assembly since  1999, yet we have not been able to point to any project facilitated by those that have  represented us in the past. I want to go to the House of Representatives and table most of  the problems facing this community. I will exchange ideas and through this, I will get what  I want or my people. The issue of sustaining this local government will be my first priority  and I will work to get the LCDAs listed in the constitution, then we can have more funds for  the local governments.

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PDP has said it would dislodge the ACN from power in Lagos State next year, what do you  think?
Our party is solid and the governor has performed well and even beyond expectation. The PDP  will fail again woefully in 2011.  The PDP is a toothless bulldog and can only win on the  pages of newspaper.

What should INEC should do to ensure free and fair elections in 2011?
I believe in the revalidation of the voters’ register because without it, a free and fair  election will not be possible. We have had cases of people not finding their names on the  voters’ register on election day. If the new INEC boss is given a free hand to operate, the  election will be credible.

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