Flood Takes Over Ilasan Police Division


The last heavy rains have left a sad legacy on the Ilasan Police Division, Jakande Estate,  Lekki, Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria and residents are not finding it easy while the policemen are in  a dilemma.

Gaining access to the police division has become a task in acrobatics while residents who  have no alternative route have to wade through the thigh-deep murky waters to and from work  daily.

The police cannot do their work and residents cannot access the police division. Motorists  and pedestrians who spoke with P.M.NEWS said the situation has been like this since the  rains started as the area lacks proper drainage channels.

They called on the concerned authorities to wade into the matter and rescue the traumatized  residents, motorists and enable the police in the division do their jobs.

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Mr. Tony Iredia, a resident said it is unfortunate that inspite of the several rich and  influential Nigerians who have built palatial mansions and choice estates around Illasan and  Jakande area of Lekki, the police division could be allowed to remain in such a sorry state.  “Everybody should join hands to rehabilitate the road in the Illasan Police Division because  crime prevention and fighting is the responsibility of everybody and if police work is in  any way impeded, it could result in dire consequences for all concerned,” he pleaded.

A policeman, who does not want his name in print, said they could no longer access their  office through the gates. “When we could no longer gain access into the police division  through the main gates, we opened up an exit on the side of the building and it is not  convenient,” he said.

Efforts to see the DPO of the division were futile.

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