Group Condemns Ogun G-9 Lawmakers


A group, Ogun Citizens Collective Action has reacted to the crisis in the state. In a  statement made available to P.M.NEWS, the group stated that: “The illegal, unconstitutional  and gangster-like sacking of the Ogun State House of Assembly is a direct attack on all  principles of democracy, decency and justice. It is an open demonstration of lack of respect  for the citizens of Ogun State, the Nigerian constitution and the rule of law.”

The press release, signed by Comrade Kewulere Adebayo, alleged that: “For the over seven  years that OGD has been governor in Ogun State, the main features of his administration are  near total breakdown of infrastructure especially road and other critical amenities. Ninety  per cent of roads in Ogun State are in terrible condition, the state capital, Abeokuta has  progressively deteriorated in all facets of development for the past seven years.

“Recently, the UNDP declared Ogun State the worst state – the most business unfriendly state  – for business in Africa. There is nothing to show for the several billions that has accrued  to the state since the inception of the OGD administration,” the group alleged.

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On Monday, 6 September, 2010, a group of nine members of the Ogun State House of Assembly  broke into the Assembly chambers just before dawn and claimed to have sacked fifteen other  members, changed the House leadership, announced their usurpation of the House leadership  and approved the N100 billion bond which had been the bone of contention between the Ogun  Assembly and Otunba Daniel.

The group called on President Goodluck Jonathan to declare the state of emergency in Ogun  State and order the immediate sack of the Ogun State police commissioner for aiding and  abetting illegality and anarchy.

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