Adekanye Counsels On Corruption Eradication


Chairman of Lagos Mainland Local Government, Mr. Rufus Oladele Adekanye, has enjoined  Nigerians to pray against corruption as the country is set to celebrate its 50th  independence anniversary.

Adekanye, in a chat with LG Circuit, lamented the poor state of the nation, which he blamed  on failure of the leadership through which he said corruption continues to fester, almost  uncontrollably.

The council boss said the leadership holds the responsibility to tackle corruption in the  country by drastic means.

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According to him, Nigerian leaders should learn to take drastic decisions to move the  country forward instead of shying away from taking certain decisions for fear of some  people.

Adekanye disagreed with the belief in some quarters that Nigeria has failed as a nation,  contending rather that the ability of the country to span 50 years as a nation was a  veritable proof that the country was still working, noting, however, that many areas still  required immediate attention and improvement.

He called on Nigerians to ensure that competent and committed leaders are voted into  political offices, while enjoining them to encourage government to ensure free and fair  conduct of the forthcoming polls.

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