Bariga LCDA Set For Voters’ Registration


The Chairman of Bariga Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, South West Nigeria,  Mr. Akeem Omoyele Sulaimon, has started mobilising residents for voters’ registration and  urged Muslims to maintain the spirit of Ramadan, asking them to continue their good deeds  after the fasting period.

Speaking with LG Circuit, Sulaimon said the purpose of fasting is to reawaken in Muslims,  God’s consciousness in their relationship with people.

“The lessons of the month should be put into practice. The rich should extend their  generosity to the less privileged after Ramadan, he stated, noting that the act of giving  does not stop in Ramadan, rather, it should serve as a means of training Muslims to be  concerned about the welfare of others.

He urged Nigerians to eschew violence and other vices, especially that the general elections  is around the corner.

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The chairman said he has started to mobilise the people of the council area ahead the  forthcoming registration of voters as well as sensitising them on the 2011 poll.

With the mobilisation, he said the people have come to the realisation that they cannot just  fold their arms and wish for good things, they also need to work for it.

According to him, “nobody will just come to this LCDA and hoodwink the people. We have  discerning people who will stand up for their rights; people who are informed and sensitised  about the need to ensure that they register because that is the weapon with which they can  determine who will lead them.”

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