Sharta Family Out Of MDA


After a week of the on-going Maltina Dance All Academy, the Sharta family became the first  family from the ten qualified families to be evicted from the Academy.

The Sharta family, according to the judges, fell short of the standard required to continue  in the Academy. Catherine Sharta who qualified the family from the Benin centre is a good  dancer but the other family members could not match her rhythm due to lack of coordination  and synchronization of the entire family.

It did not come as a surprise when the show hostess, Kemi Adetiba announced the judges’  verdict.

The Sharta and Jonas families were slated for eviction but the judges spared the Jonas  family, who ironically performed well during the opening performance, drawing a standing  ovation.

The remaining nine families, the Okoroafor, Ayeni, Eselemo, Nelson, Abang, Adejo,

Wyss, Uhie and Jonas family will be performing the Jive dance. Already, two professionals  from France will be taking the families through the unique dance steps.

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