Why Sports Evangelist Can’t Win Trophies


Samuel Alebiosu,Team Manager of Sports Evangelist Football Academy of Lagos Island speaks on  the challenges facing the academy with SUNDAY AKINTOYE

When did you establish your Academy?
I founded the the Academy in 2005 on Lagos Island. I started with 20 players, but I am not  happy that the academy has not really achieved much since inception.

What do you mean that the Academy has not achieved?
If you check other academies that  started after my own, you will realise that they have  gone far, considering what they have  achieved. I don’t have quality players. Most of my  players  find it difficult to  understand the basic rules of the game. I think we still have  a long way to go  if we want to win any trophy.

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Are you saying that your Academy cannot win any laurel this year?
I doubt it. We don’t have what it takes to do well in a a championship. I need to get  quality players before thinking of winning laurels.

What are the challenges facing the academy?
We don’t have a good  football pitch to train our players.
We train on a small pitch at Adeniji Express way, Lagos Island, but the place is not  conducive  for our players. Our players are exposed to dangers, any time they train there.   I am looking for a conducive place for our players to train.

Where do you see your Academy in nearest future then?
I see the academy in a better position but for now, we are  still struggling to survive.

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