MTN Project Fame Withdraws Christian From Academy


MTN Project Fame West Africa Academy has announced the withdrawal of Christian Owusu from  the competition on health grounds.

According to the producers of the popular musical reality show, Christian, a contender for  the ultimate prize, was examined by the Academy’s medical team and was advised to have a  six-week rest, hence his withdrawal from the show.

On Sunday, 5 September, he bumped into another contestant while rehearsing for the weekend  performance, became dizzy and lost his sight temporarily after which he was rushed to the  hospital where he fully regained his sight.

According to Head of the medical team for the Academy, Dr. Wale Adeboje, “Christian has  been diagnosed not to be fully fit for the rest of the show. Although he is now in good  health, we have recommended that he keeps away from all forms of rigorous activities for the  next six weeks so that he can adequately recuperate.”

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“This is a sad development,” said Academy Principal, Joke Silva, “because Christian was one  of the few animated performers who gave his all into learning the music craft. He was  determined to go all the way, but we believe the most important thing right now is for him  to get proper treatment.”

Following the development, Managing Director, Ultima Studios Limited, Mr. Femi Ayeni,  stated: “Christian is an excellent performer, it is unfortunate he had to leave. We strongly  believe that it is not only the responsible thing to do, but it is in his best interest to  take a well deserved rest as advised by the medical team.”

With Christian’s withdrawal, the show now has six contestants following the eviction of  Adebola from the Academy during last Saturday’s programme.

Christian has left Lagos for Ghana and is already back with his family. It is expected that  he will get further treatment with the full support of the Academy.

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