'Glo 3G, Best In Market'


National Operator, Globacom, has stated that speed, quality and reliability are some of  the unique features which make its new 3G Plus internet modem the best in the market.

Head of Globacom’s 3G and BlackBerry Sales, Wunmi Jewesimi, said the modem which offers  fast, efficient, reliable and affordable internet access also gives subscribers a wide  range of interesting applications. He said continuous upgrade on the Glo network has  enabled the company to improve its network quality, thus giving subscribers a world class  internet service that delivers fast and easy handling of internet applications.

Such applications include video streaming, gaming, chatting, data download and upload as  well as instant messaging. “The enhanced speed makes it possible to do video streaming or  gaming without distortions. The user is able to enjoy real time internet sound or video,  without having to wait to download a file to play it,” he explained.

“The user can also enjoy world class streaming experience by watching live football  matches or sites such as Youtube, CNN and BBC.

Jewesimi said other significant advantages of the new modem include its high quality  which makes it compatible with most operating systems. The user can plug his modem on  almost every computer or laptop with a USB port and be able to enjoy the service. The  modem’s quality also enables easy connection to the 3G/GPRS coverage of the Glo network  which ensures the service can be enjoyed in every part of the country.

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“Another superior benefit of the Glo 3G Plus modem is its ease of installation and use  made possible by its plug and play feature. Once the modem is plugged into a desktop or  laptop, a Glo GUI (Graphic User Interface) appears on the screen allowing the user to set  preferences and begin browsing instantly. The modem also allows access to the Glo  Self-Care Portal which assists the customer to resolve certain issues by himself,” he  stated.

In addition to the above features, the Glo 3G Plus High Speed Internet service has easy  payment options and highly flexible packages for the convenience of customers. The  flexible packages, he said, include the All day Packs, Bundled Hour Packs and Flexi  packs. The Globacom official added that a customer does not need to go to a shop to  select or pay for a package. “Normal recharge cards can be used to pay for the service”,  he noted.

Meanwhile, Globacom has introduced a new, specially branded version of the 3G internet  modem for sale to the general public. The modem is co-branded in Manchester United FC of  England and Glo logos to commemorate the partnership deal signed last season between  Globacom and the club. The modems are on sale at Gloworld shops nationwide and they are  of the same quality, speed and reliability. The specially branded modems were designed to  give football – loving subscribers something unique to add more excitement to their use  of the Glo mobile internet modem.

The Glo 3G internet service will receive further boost as more cities pan-Nigeria will  soon be covered with 3G technology. Further improvements in terms of bandwidth and,  consequently, speed and connectivity will be enjoyed by subscribers when the Glo 1  international submarine cable starts to carry traffic soon.

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