ACN Backs INEC’s Demand For Extension


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has asked Nigerians to support  whatever it would take for the new INEC to deliver on the critical demand for a free and  fair election in 2011.

It therefore agrees that more time be given to the new INEC to conduct credible  elections in 2011, especially as it pertains to conducting a proper voters’ registration  exercise for the critical election.

In a release signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the  party said it sees nothing wrong in asking for a little more time to conduct a free and  fair election, rather than muddling through another electoral charade in 2011. The party  called on Nigerians to support the fresh demand of INEC and not allow the country to be  held down by time in seeking the best electoral conduct for the country in 2011.

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“What we can decipher from INEC’s new demand for more time is the need to do a thorough  job with the upcoming election. If that is therefore the reason, we do not see any reason  why we won’t grant Jega and his INEC more time to do a credible job that will be  applauded the world over. We are asking Nigerians to give Jega some little more time to  conduct a free and fair election and hold him responsible for any failure and give him  credit where he succeeds.

“The demand for more time has, once again, underscored the dangerous politics played by  the present PDP with the tenure of the discredited former INEC chairman, who would have  been sacked long ago to give a new INEC enough room to conduct a credible election. We  now experience the folly in keeping an INEC leadership that roundly messed up the  electoral system for too long time and empanelling a new INEC leadership on the eve of  elections to do a miraculous turnaround of the horribly messed electoral system. We saw  this present danger when the government and the PDP was dilly dallying on the Iwu issue  and were rather shopping for time for him. We saw the present diktat coming which was why  we were persistently calling for the sack of Iwu and the empanelling of a new INEC to  lead the quest for a credible election in 2011.

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