'If You Are Tired Of Working For Others, Try Grasscutter Farming'


Grasscutter rearing can make you become gainfully employed. The farming can be started  with as low as N45,000 according to Mr. Arinze Onebunne, an expert in grasscutter  rearing.

Onebunne owns Jovana Farms whose speciality is training, setting up grasscutter farms and  sales. Grasscutter farming is one of the new attractive areas in job creation in Nigeria  today. It is a great money-spinning business that can provide job opportunities for the  young and old, the educated or uneducated. If you want to be your own boss and you are  ready to work hard and get rich, grasscutter farming is for you” he advised.

He emphasized that “if all hands are on deck, over a million jobs can be created in  grasscutter sector alone but Nigerians preference for white collar jobs led to the  neglect of this lucrative agricultural enterprise.”

I started rearing grasscutter 15 years ago. The business does not require millions of  naira to execute. It can be started with just one family of grasscutter normally called a  colony which is sold for N40,000. A colony comprises one male and four females. They are  reared in a cage which can be constructed at a cost of N5,000 by any roadside carpenter.  Therefore, with N45,000, you are already in good business. It is advisable to buy them  when they are four months old, which is the breeding stage. Grasscutter is odourless  unlike fowls, rabbits, etc. Therefore, the cage can be placed anywhere in the compound or  even in the kitchen. In terms of feeding, it is not like fish farming or poultry farming,  because grasscutter feed on grass.

In terms of yield, he explained, one female grasscutter can give birth to as many as five  to eight litters (babies) at once. I have even witness 12 at once on my farm. So instead  of remaining unemployed, even an undergraduate can take a soft loan from a bank, friend  or family member and in a few months be able to pay back the loan and still remain in  business. For instance, if you start rearing now, in about four months, they will start  having litters because they mature for birth at eight months.

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And if you do not have enough space for expansion, you can sell the babies, at the end of  the day the four females give you five litters each, you have 20 litters. Invariably, you  only have to be patient for about eight months. And if they carry their babies for about  five months, you can start cross-breeding them for stronger breeds and in eight months,  you start making profit. Grasscutter as meat is also high in demand. It already comes to  mind when people think of bush meat. Though for now, the price maybe on the high side,  the nutritional value is enormous. It is white meat and has low or no cholesterols and  doctors highly recommend it for people with heart problems.

“Regrettably, one major challenge in grasscutter rearing is the technicalities involved.  This is why we organize seminars and workshops all around the nation. We recommend that  people come for proper training before going into the business. This is necessary because  I have witnessed instances where people start without proper training, only to shut down  when faced with technical challenges. But with proper training these challenges can be  avoided. With some training and adequate guidance, it can turn money spinner,” he  explained.

Onebunne said, when he started grasscutter business 15 years ago, he went as far as Gabon  to get the initial stock. Today people do not need to look that far. Grasscutters are  readily available for supply now. “In addition, we have developed special breeds through  research. We have also developed them according to their species and complied their data.  All these we teach in our seminars and workshops,” he added.

For more information please contact the Managing Consultant/CEO of Javana Farms, Prince Arinze Onebunne on 08033262808, 08029373076. E-mail: [email protected]. Website: www.jovanafarm.com.

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