Ifelodun Residents Task Council On Roads


Residents of Ifelodun Local Council Development Area of Lagos State, South West Nigeria,  have called on the council to see to the problem of roads in the area.

They said the terrible state of the roads has greatly affected their socio-economic  activities apart from human and vehicular movement.

Mr. Taiwo Ademolu, a commercial motorcyclist told Lagos Bulletin that the deplorable  roads in the area could not as bad as it is now if the leadership of the council has paid  adequate attention to them before now.

He stated further that despite the bad state of roads, council officials still collect  different levies and rates form motorcyclists and other petty traders.

“We don’t have good roads in this area, the major road, Old Ojo and Mosafejo roads are in  terrible state, still, council officials issue tickets to commercial motorcyclists and  petty traders, the effect of which we have not felt.

“We wish officials the state government to visit this area for an on-the-spot assessment,  because things cannot continue like this.”

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Bayo Aladelola, another resident of the area, also sought the state government’s  intervention on the condition of roads in the area.

Aladelola lamented the damage done to vehicles as a result of bad roads, which he said  could be avoided if the local government has done what is expected of it.

“Look at the drainage channels along the roads, how do you expect to have good roads when  the drains are not cleared?

“These must be clear before any rehabilitation work could be done on the roads, without  that, we shall continue to have bad roads in this area,” Aladelola added.

Some of the roads that the residents want the council authority to rehabilitate include  Mosafejo, Turner Eradiri, Aduke, Turner, Animashaun, Adeleye and Aro, among others.

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