Much Ado About Cultism


What on earth could have been the cause of this modern madness called cults? I have  observed with disdain the sudden appearance of cults on the scene of our national and  community life. Initially in those days, cults or cultism existed secretly but nowadays,  people come out openly with pride to admit their involvement in cultism.

The most unfortunate part of the whole matter is that they unleash terror on the people  in the name of “putting right certain things that went wrong” or at some other times  trying to take revenge for the “wrongs” done them. And too bad the police are too weak to  arrest the situation. I believe that those who are involved in cultism do so because they  do not know the implication of what they are doing.

Cultism is an act of devotion that reflects a form of reverence to a deity. When it  involves some level of secrecy, it is said to be secret and especially when the secrets  are for those who have more than “ordinary knowledge” consequent to passing through a  process of ritual called initiation. Therefore, cultism involves ritualism as well. But  whatever the case may be, it is the devil that empowers and encourages cults to operate.  Some secret cults are referred to as orders because they operate strictly according to  some religious rules. It is therefore worthy of note that all secret societies are  spiritual movements and because of this, there must surely be an entity that receives  their worship.

A secret cult is therefore said to be an occult because of the involvement of all these  things mentioned earlier. But I want to state that all these are part of Satan’s deceit  (I Cor. 8:5-6).

The spiritual origin of cults/occults

Cults/occults are authored and guided by demons in the universe who have divided  themselves into occult kingdoms. Planes, zones, realms and centres among themselves as  well as their presiding deities, or the so-called ‘gods and lords’ ruling them. Example  is Moloch (Acts 7:43, 19:24-35).

A secret society whose root is from a region or plane within an occult kingdom proclaims  such region to be kingdoms. For instance, some societies consider the causal and the  etheric planes to be kingdoms. Each secret cult also speaks of only the demonic kingdom  they are aware of which some of them refer to as ‘cosmic forces’ in the mystical way of  expression. In cults or society, there are also hierarchies.

Why do people join cults?

People are in secret cults for various purposes. This is why I’ve divided them into  classes thus:

•Those who are seeking solutions to problems.

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•Those who manipulate the combination of elements for esoteric purposes. Among these are:  sorcerers, juju makers, witch doctors, magicians, soothsayers, necromancers, etc., but  see II Chron. 33:6; Acts 13:6; and Deut. 18:10-12.

•Those who seek occult knowledge and esoteric mysteries. It should be noted that Satan  has nothing to offer.

•Those who seek political power and fame. Everyone is called to live daily in the  consummate essence of the “almighty power” and in the recognition that Christ is the only  Lord and Saviour of mankind. Cultism is a sin and a sinner is a servant of sin unto  death. A cultist is in a state of positive spiritual nothingness and so even if he  attends a church, he cannot have his act of worship accepted by God because he is at the  zero level on God’s spiritual scale of being. So the only source of power is God. He is  the only one who can guarantee you victory in life.

Negative effects

•God’s curse is upon a cultist: A person who is a member of a secret cult is under a  curse. The efficacy of every curse depends on the reason behind its ‘cosmic right’ as  well as on the intensity of mental or the emotional focus that propelled it into  ‘enforcement layer.’ Therefore, when the intensity of any curse has reached such subtle  layers, the elemental spirits or curse enforcing demons will receive it for necessary  actions. This is in a case of man cursing a fellow man, but when God curses, it’s a  disaster.

•Witchcraft bondage: There is a category of witches called blind witches. Cultists are in  this category. A blind witch does not know himself to be a witch but the fact is that it  is in his life that witches practice their crafts because he has their mark of  destruction no matter how big or precious what the devil might have given him may appear.  He has been marked for destruction. So, all the so-called initiations into cults are  blind initiation into witchcraft because it is a process of demonic enslavement in all  categories of one’s existence.

•His prayers are abomination to God (Prov. 28:9; 15:8): God does not listen to the  prayers of the wicked. He cannot curse a person and bless him at the same time unless he  repents.

•Demonic covenant is binding on cultists: Our God is a God of righteousness who does not  allow any man to accuse him of doing otherwise. He is a good legal expert. The demons go  into action immediately one pronounces a penalty upon himself in form of a covenant  involving certain things like blood, body fluids, kolanuts, salt, etc., and such if a  person, upon defaulting as a member, is praying against the consequence, God will not  answer unless such covenants are broken.

In conclusion, anyone who practices cultism is treading the path of hell and the vessels  of God’s wrath are poured out permanently upon the pilgrims treading such path. So, as  the race to the 2011 polls hots up, I advise our youths and even politicians to desist  from this madness called cultism so that together, we can lift our heart up to God for a  better Nigeria. It is well.

•Revd. Adewumi is the Vicar, All Saints’ Anglican Church, Okerube, Ikotun. Tel:  08064988171; e-mail: [email protected]

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