Residents Score Bariga Councillor Low


Residents of Onajimi and Ajiun streets in Bariga Local Council Development Area of Lagos  State, South West Nigeria, have condemned non performance of the council representing  them in the council, wondering why he should continue to stay in office.

They complained mostly about the roads which are in terrible condition and now almost  impassable.

According to the people, the drainage channels on both sides of the roads are blocked  with refuse and other particles while they have not been cleared once in several years.

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The water channels, they said are so filled up that they can no longer retain water which  now spills on the roads, one of the causes for their deplorable condition.

They accused the councillor of reneging on his electoral promises, vowing that if he is  fielded again in the next election, they may have to vote for the opposition party.

They, however, exonerated the council chairman, Akeem Sulaimon, of all blames over the  condition of the roads, saying if he had been prodded by the councillor, the roads would  have been given a face lift as done to others within the council area.

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