Business Summit Holds September 2010


An entrepreneur Business Summit/Exhibition 2010, otherwise known as EBSummit, is to hold  from 27 to 29 September at Sheraton and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

The entrepreneur business summit, the first of its kind in Nigeria was designed to  leverage information technology for competitive and effective advantage.

The EBSummit 2010, is aimed at providing unprecedented opportunity to government and its  agencies to promote their role, integrity and credibility before the teeming public which  they have a symbiotic relationship with, by relating and expatiating more on their  operations towards national growth and peaceful co-existence.

According to Laryy-Goodwill Ajiola,  Managing Director of IMC Organisation, a public  relations outfit based in Lagos is the organiser of the event, while Connex INC are event  managers.

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EBSummit 2010 will also feature an exhibition/workshop from 8 am-5 p.m daily. The theme  is ICT Business Operation in Accordance with Government Policies and Regulation Towards  an Enduring Business Environment.

The three-day event will afford stakeholders both participants, organisation and  government agencies, the opportunity of presenting a communal functional paper at the  summit. It will also focus on their roles and contributions guiding them in their  relations with the general public in this macro society.

The summit is expected to attract the who-is-who in the IT world and other sectors of the  economy as the place of information technology can not be underestimated in worldwide  global economy, which is constantly on the move for new innovations, new markets and  directions.

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