Group Wants Jonathan To Intervene In Ogun Crisis


President Goodluck Jonathan has been urged to assert his authority and live up to his  oath to defend the integrity of the Nigerian Constitution by immediately ensuring that  sanity returns to Ogun State.

Comrade Mark-Kenlere Adesina Adebayo, President, The Common Men’s Movement of Nigeria,  COMAN, said this while delivering an address titled The Executives Coup Against The  Legislative Arm in Ogun State: A Big Threat To Democracy during a press conference held  at Mokland Hotel, Sango-Otta, Ogun State on Tuesday.

Adebayo urged the President to act immediately to correct the impression that he has a  hand in the Ogun State mess by publicly dissociating himself from the illegal and  unconstitutional act that played itself out at the Ogun State House of Assembly recently.

The group said that a major implication of the condemnable act is its potential for the  breakdown of law and order, adding that when a sitting governor violates the law with  obvious impunity, it becomes a negative beckon to the general public that anarchy has  taken over the state which  implies that the state has resorted to the Hobbesian State of  nature and thereby dangerous to the country’s nascent democracy.

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“In the first instance, it is very clear that there was a direct involvement of Governor  Gbenga Daniel in this ugly development due to the fact that policemen directly working  within the governor’s official security provided armed shield for the eight members who  broke into the Assembly. It is a shame that the Nigeria Police as an institution has  allowed itself to be used as an instrument of supplanting the Nigerian Constitution.

The group also called on financial institutions in and outside the country to disregard  the illegal Ogun State N100 billion Bond.

—Jamiu Yisa

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