LAWMA Deploys 500 To Streets


In its bid to ensure to a sustainable cleaner and healthier environment in Lagos state through improved service delivery, the Lagos Waste Management Authority, LAWMA, has deployed 500 officers to monitor the streets in the state.

Mr. Ola Oresanya, the managing director of the authority made this known recently while fielding questions from journalists on the activities of his organization.

He said  LAWMA is committed to ensuring a sustainable cleaner and healthier Lagos to make the city comparable with the cleanest cities of the world.

Oresanya urged Lagos residents to compliment government efforts by warning their wards and children to shun indiscriminate disposal of refuse on the road medians and drainages and to cultivate the conventional practice of putting their wastes in containers.

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He stated that the task of actualizing the required standard of cleanliness for Lagos is a collective responsibility. He advised that residents should aspire towards improving the current aesthetics of the environment by keeping their surroundings clean.

He further said that there is a sanitation law which requires every resident to procure a covered waste container for effective waste collection.

Oresanya also disclosed that LAWMA has deployed monitoring officers around the state to monitor public waste and ensure that all those involved in indiscriminate practices are apprehended and reprimanded for their actions and urged residents to ensure effective use of the services of the Private Sectors Participants (PSP) assigned to them by the authority.

—Paul Sanusi

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