Who Wins Project Fame?


It has been an exciting three months of MTN Project Fame West Africa performances but  like the saying goes “all good things must come to an end”. It just seems like yesterday  when the contestants came into the Academy with raw talent and determination. Over the  following weeks, the Faculty polished their rough edges and has successfully refined them  into quality performing artistes.

This weekend marks the end of the third season of Project Fame and the question on  everyone’s lips is who is going to be the winner of this season’s competition. It has  never been easy predicting winners since the show kicked off in 2008, and this season has  even proved more difficult, churning out some of the finest contestants thereby making  the art of prediction quite a complicated science.

From the surface, most folks are tipping the Ghanaian wonder boy Kesse to become the  first non-Nigerian to win. His soulful and passionate performances have never failed to  bring down the house, praise from both the judges and members of the faculty. At an early  part of the show he was seen as the runaway winner but lately petite bombshell Chidinma  from Lagos has been giving him Kesse a run for his money. Chidinma has blossomed from the  girl who lacked confidence into a sassy and bold diva. In the past few weeks she has  commanded standing ovations and commendation from the likes of Onyeka Onwenu and Cobhams.  If an upset is to be made, it could come from Chidinma who has proven that she can fight  tough with the boys.

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But let’s not be too quick in jumping the gun, Tolu whose voice melts the coldest of  hearts and who has rediscovered his form might just pull enough votes to win the top  prize. Tolu has shown that he is more than capable. His original composition, Arewa was  one of the crowd favourites if that is anything to go by. But Ochuko and Eyo won’t just  be folding their arms and allow the others to have all the fun. Ochuko has steadily  proven himself to be a mature performer while Eyo has revealed layers of depth in his  craft after toning down on his theatrics.

Before the die is cast, let’s not forget that Yetunde is still a force to reckon with.  She has proven to be the dark horse in this race and at the last minute might have a lot  of votes swing her way. One thing for sure is that an upset is likely to occur. Don’t be  told about it, watch it as it unfolds.

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