Academics, Others Laud Maltina


Dr. Olatunji Ashamu and Dr. Ademola Makanjuola, both Associate Professors in two private  universities in Nigeria have commended Maltina, a premium malt drink from the stable of  Nigerian Breweries Plc for their bold attempt at reviving cherished family values that  have been on the decline for some time now.

The two scholars made their views known at the grand finale of the Maltina Dance All  family reality TV show which was held at Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos .

At the end of the one hour show which was beamed live on Africa Independent Television  (AIT) the Adejo family from Kaduna was voted as the overall winner by Nigerians. They won  the coveted prize of N2.5 million and a family SUV worth N7 million to beat four other  families, the Eselemo, Nelson, Abang and Uhie families.

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“For quite some time now” Dr. Ashamu stated “cherished family values like love,  cooperation, parental guidance and direction and discipline have been on the decline.  This has greatly affected us as a Nation. For those of us in the academia we see first  hand students who want to be undergraduates not knowing about some of the most basic  essence of living and you ask yourself, do these people come from a family or do they  have parents? But I am happy to see that those in the corporate world have seen this  problem and are exploring creative ways of tackling them.

Dr. Makanjuola, on the other hand said dancing and other forms of creative arts has not  just short-term benefits for the mental well-being, but also long-term benefits in that  dancers become very good at learning things quickly and methodically because of how often  they repeat and learn new dance moves. This process of repeating until committing the  step to memory is a skill that serves dancers in all aspects of life especially as it  concerns working in a structured manner, toward a goal and reaping the discipline and  endurance that comes with such a skill.

He thus commended the brand for “this noble concept which ensures that families have to  work together to achieve a goal.”

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