Aspirant Gives Recipe For PDP’s Victory In Lagos State


A PDP stalwart in Lagos State, Barrister Owolabi Salis, has emphasised the need for the  state wing to embark on an aggressive membership drive, aimed at expanding the frontiers  of the party, in order to give it the necessary leverage for victory in 2011.

He emphasised that victory in Lagos was particularly important in view of the strategic  significance of the state, not only as the economic and commercial capital of Nigeria and  West Africa but also the melting pot of diverse ethnic groups in the nation, which would  add a psychological morale boost and virility to the mainstream PDP.

In pursuit of this objective, the Wall Street, New York, USA attorney, who has declared  his interest in the Lagos governorship race, said he has procured 10,000 PDP membership  voter cards meant to be distributed to all the local governments in the state.

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“It is perhaps pertinent to emphasise here that I did a research and discovered, to my  chagrin, that a lot of people are actually fed up with the ruling government in Lagos  State because of its cosmetic administration and are only waiting to be prodded to cross  over to another party.

“It is my belief that this category of disenchanted people need to be actively mobilised.  We do not necessarily have to wait for them, we need to find a way of beckoning on them  and moblise them through little incentives and intensified enlightenment campaigns on  what the PDP stands for and how to enlist as a member.

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