Ancelotti Shines At Best Of Season Ram Charging


Sports spectators at the Oshodi Sports Complex were in a frenzy when Ancelotti of Oshodi  and Bawala of Alimosho took the centre stage in a ram charging tournament tagged The Best  of Season by the Ram Sports Promoter Association.

Bawala, which was paired in Group B and weighs above 80 kilogram, was widely tipped as  the champion in the group based on its performance in a bout tagged Special Fight, where  the ram made its mark as a good fighter.

For Ancelotti, a ram named after the Coach of Chelsea F.C, it was an underdog following  its unknown records, but the Gladiator proved itself right as it thrilled teeming  spectators to an exciting competition. It won the closely contested bout with 41-40  points.

The bout, which almost resorted in a brawl among the owners and spectators following the  declaration of Ancelloti as the winner, was later resolved after the association called  the rams for a rematch.

Both rams were issued three yellow cards for failing to fight and in annoyance, the owner  and supporter of Bawala left the complex, while the marshals confirmed Ancelotti the  winner of the fight.

The owner of Ancelloti, Morenikeji Yusuf, confirmed that the rams have really made him  happy for wining a major fight in the history of ram charging under the Ram Sports  Promoter Association.

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Yusuf said the ram receives regular medical treatment to keep it in good form ahead of a  major tournament.

But with the plans to sell the ram for N350,000,  the hope that Ancelotti would feature  in the next year’s National Championship, where stronger rams would compete, is dashed.

However, the patron of Sagamu Chapter of Ram Owner, Alhaji Owolabi Akinsanya, has called  on corporate bodies to assist the association to develop the sport. He believed the  association has done a lot to bring the sport to reckoning but need more support from the  corporate bodies.

Akinsanya, who brought nine rams to compete in the tournament, said the gesture would  help other affiliated bodies in South West and other zones to give their best.

Alhaji Olayinka Owoduni, the owner of a ram named Lagata, shared the opinion of  Akinsanya. He said it is necessary to  woo corporate bodies to assist the association to  take the sport to the next level.

—Akin  Farinto

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