I’m Fulfilled


Godwin Pius, who campaigns in the 64kg, was the only Nigerian boxer who won his fight at  the international amateur boxing competition organised by the Lagos State Boxing Hall of  Fame, Lagos Amateur Boxing Association and Repton Boys Club, London. He told ADEBOBOLA  ALAWODE after the bout at the Rowe Park that he is fulfilled winning his fight

Congratulations, you won your fight?
Thank you.

How did you feel defeating Michael Channing?
Words can’t express how I feel to have defeated him. The fight was not that easy for me  but I thank God that I won.

You said the fight was not easy?
Yes, it was not an easy ride for me because Channing is also a very good boxer. He was  always charging at me, he never gave me a breathing space.

Did you envisage winning the bout?
The fact is that no boxer enters the ring with the belief that he will lose any fight.  When I was about to enter the ring I told myself that I must win the fight and  I’m glad  that I won.

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Before you entered the ring, I saw you praying, why?
There is nothing I do without taking it to God in prayers.There is nothing one can do  without the help of God. It was God who gave me the victory.

During Round One of the fight, you didn’t fight. You were just absorbing the punches from  Channing, why?
It was not like that. I had to study him to know how to approach the fight. After I  understood  his style, I showed him how to fight.

You mean, you taught him how to box?
Yes I did. The winner of any boxing bout is the teacher, why the loser is the student. If  he won the fight,  I would have accepted him as the teacher, but since he lost, he is  definitely the student.

Were you in anyway intimidated because Channing is white?
I was never intimidated by the colour of his skin, boxing is give and take. I mean when  any boxer throws punches at me in the ring, it is my duty to respond with harder ones.

How will you rate the tournament?
The tournament was an eye-opener for us because the boxers from Repton showed us that  boxing has gone beyond what we know in Nigeria.

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