Nigeria At 50: LG Boss Tasks Nigerians On Patriotism


As Nigerians prepare for the celebration of the nation’s golden jubilee, a Lagos council  chairman has identified misunderstanding, lack of patriotism and absence of national  ideology as the major challenges facing the country.

Honourable Akeem Omoyele Sulaimon, Chairman of Bariga Local Council Development Area of  Lagos State, South West Nigeria, has said in a special message, calling on Nigerians to  consider the period of celebrating the nation’s independence anniversary as a special  moment of sober reflection, rather than a time to engage in unnecessary spending.

Sulaimon noted that the moment should be used for stock taking as well as one during  which concerted effort is made at deepening democracy.

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While saying that the political class may have been contributed to the rot in the  society, he urged Nigerians to use the period to make resolutions to contribute their  quota to building a nation that all would be proud of, emphasising that nation building  is not a job for a select few.

“This period should be one during which we will agree to stop the drift into the abyss.  It becomes worrisome when you see that our democracy is still toddling behind of other  African nations, yet we call ourselves the giant of Africa,” the council chief fondly  called Oris, said while expressing gratitude to the people of Bariga for their support at  all times, urging them to continue to give him their blessing as he forges ahead in his  political ambition.

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