NSC Insists On Training Fee At Stadium


The Director General of National Sports Commission, Patrick Ekeji has insisted that it is  mandatory for athletes to pay the sum of N100 before they can use the facilities at the  National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

Ekeji disclosed that athletes all over the world pay a certain amount of money before  they use the stadium facilities for training.

He stated that there is nothing wrong if Nigerian athletes are to pay a fee for using  sporting facilities, adding that their money will be used to maintain the facilities at  the Sports city.

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“There is no going back on our decision. We are not exploiting our athletes. What we are  saying is that we need to maintain the facilities at the stadium and generate internal  revenue for the government. This case is not particular to Nigeria alone, as countries  all over the world do the same thing. I think our athletes and the public have to  understand the situation of thin,” he said.

—Sunday  Akintoye

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