Tijaniyyah Sect Back From Morocco Trip


Members of Tijaniyya sect in Nigeria, under the leadership of Grand Mufti of Lagos,  As-Sheikh Muhammad-l-Mudathir Hamzah Masha Eshnlokun (RTA) have returned from a week tour  to the kingdom of Morocco.

They embarked on the tour on 15 September and returned 22, September, 2010, headed by the  Proprietor, Marcazu-Salam and Islamic Peace Centre, As-Sheika Moshood Ramadhan Jubreel.

Other delegates include the M.D. Conoil, Agbado Ijaye, Alhaji Abdul Lateef Amodu;  Barrister Abdul Rafih Gbadegesin; Alhaji Mushiliudeen Oyebisi Adamoh and the Mukadam  Tijaniyya Mosque, Okesuna, Lagos, Alhaji Jamiu Adamoh.

Also in the team are Alhaji Taofeeq, Alhaji Ismail Adedimeji; Alhaja Shukurah Oyenike  Masha; Sheiknah Tariqat Tijaniyyah, Lagos, Alhaja Khairat Kosoko, Alhaja Hadiqah Olayinka  Jibreel (Ameerah Sheikh) Ramadhan Jibreel, Alhaja Rashidat Amodu and Sister Mudathirah  Tinuade Masha.

In a chat with P.M.NEWS, the leader of the delegation, Sheikh Moshood Ramadha Jibreel,  said the journey to city of Fez in the kingdom of Morocco was to enhance members’  religious knowledge and to seek for the forgiveness and blessings of Allah in accordance  with the Islamic injunction.

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Quoting from the quran, the Sheikh said, “Travel through the earth and see how Allah did  originate creation, so will Allah produce a later creation, for Allah has power over all  things.”

He added that they embarked on the journey for the revival of the historical fact that  Sheika Hamzah Masha Eshinlokun was the first person in Nigeria and the second person in  West Africa to embark on a journey to the town of Sidi Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Tijani (R.T.A)

The journey, according to Sheikh Jibreel, was purely religious for the total submission  to the will of Almighty Allah, which is also known as Tassawuh.

The delegates expressed delight to return home on 22 September, 2010 after one week in  the kingdom of Morocco.

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