Group Condemns NANS


The Education Rights Campaign (ERC), has  condemned the parochial and self-serving  political activities of some National Association of Nigeria Students (NANS) so-called  ‘leaders’.

In a press statement signed by the National Secretary of the group, Mr Chinedu Bosah, the  ERC described the activities of the different factions of NANS leadership as shameless  acts, adding that the student body has lost its vibrant tradition and has been taken over  by opportunists who deploy it to serve the interests of different sections of the ruling  class.

ERC condemned one of the factional presidents of NANS, Mr. Jude Imague, who was reported  in the media to have declared that NANS and all Nigerian students support President  Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency in the 2011 election. The statement credited to Imague had  stated that: “We (Nigerian students) are equally unanimous in our scrutiny that President  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, having served as a lecturer, Local Government Chairman, Deputy  Governor, Governor, Vice President and current president of the nation, is the most  experienced, qualified, efficient, reliable, equitable, and fair Nigerian to lead Nigeria  to the promised land in 2011 as Nigeria’s President”.

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ERC said the statement is fallacious, making a reference to ex-President Olusegun  Obasanjo who “twice served this country in the highest capacity and more than any other  leader but failed woefully!”

ERC declared that they have opposed Jonathan’s aspiration like all other  anti-students/workers presidential aspirants/candidates due to their anti-education  posture in relation to the underfunding of education at levels. They said using the name  of NANS and Nigerian students in whatever capacity to declare support for any  presidential aspirant is not only sheer opportunism, but is also undemocratic and  treacherous.

—Adeyera Olubunmi

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