2010 Commonwealth Games: Faulty Scales Force Postponement Of Boxing Event


The official weigh-in for the boxing competition at the Commonwealth Games has been put  back until today after complaints that the test scales were faulty.

Australia also raised concerns over the official scales after one of their fighters was  deemed overweight.

Several boxers were left shedding weight to reach desired categories.

Australian spokesman John Gatfield said: “They went to the sauna trying to lose weight  and when they came back, weighed more than the last reading.”

The scales will be recalibrated for the weigh-in to take place on the morning of the  opening bouts.

Gatfield added: “There was a lot of chaos there and they have decided to have a second  weigh-in Tuesday morning. It was really ridiculous.”

One of the Australia’s boxers due to fight in the 102kg category was found to be three  kilograms overweight.

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“He struggles to make it to the 102kg category back in Australia, but he weighed 105  here,” said Gatfield.

“Maybe something is not right with the official scales, too.”

However, competition manager Lenni Gama has denied there is any problem with the scales,  saying: “All this fuss is created by the teams who have overweight boxers. The scales are  perfect.”

England’s boxers missed all the controversy at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi.

Head coach Rob McCracken said: “We were one of the later arrivals so it didn’t affect us.  It is unfortunate and we hope the scales are properly calibrated for tomorrow so we have  no worries.”

The build-up to the Delhi Games was hit by infrastructure failures, a dengue fever  outbreak, security fears after a tourist shooting and a collapsed pedestrian footbridge  near the main stadium.

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