A Nation On Tenterhooks


It is very clear now that Nigeria is facing serious security problems. Events that have  happened in recent times, especially the bomb blasts that killed 12 people on  independence day in Abuja, have exposed the fragile security in our nation. It is  immaterial, whether the attacks were carried out by rebel group, Movement for the  Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, or any other terrorist organisation within or  outside the shores of this country.  It also doesn’t matter if the bomb blasts were the  handiwork of fifth columnists. The issue is that the security of lives and property is  being compromised with ease by criminals.

The twin blasts were dangerous signals sent to all by the criminals that they could  compromise the peace and security of this country any time, anywhere. The bomb blasts  have exposed the inept security intelligence units in the country. It is unpardonable  that the security agencies went to sleep, even when there was information that explosive  devices had been planted not too far from Eagle Square, venue of the independence  anniversary celebrations last Friday, 1 October. The United States and United Kingdom  intelligence units provided security information to Nigerian security agencies which was  ignored. The tragedy in Abuja would have been averted if intelligence operatives took the  warning and their jobs seriously.

Nigerians are worried about these disturbing and ominous signals on the eve of the  nation’s general elections. The security agencies have failed the nation for the  umpteenth time. President Goodluck Jonathan who is the Chief Security Officer of this  country must carry out extensive overhaul of the security apparatus. The incident has  called to question the ability of our leaders to provide security for the teeming  population of this country. The blasts happened at a time kidnappers and armed robbers  are running wild in some parts of the country. How long will this continue?

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It is about time Jonathan proved to Nigerians that he is capable of handling security  issues as they affect the people. Things must not get out of hand before a decisive  action is taken. We condemn those who carried out the attack on innocent Nigerians on a  day they were celebrating the nation’s independence. They must all be brought to justice  no matter their status in the society.

It is the height of madness for anyone or a group of people to choose to kill their  compatriots in such a callous manner just to send whatever message across to the  authorities. The dastardly act of terrorism will leave the nation worse off.  We should  all be working hard to bring the disparate peoples together for the rapid progress of the  country in the second half of the century of our independence.  Incident like the bomb  blasts undermines the unity and fabric of our nation.

Nigerians are living in fear. If we don’t get our acts right in terms of providing  security for all, this country is doomed. We must deploy modern technology to deal with  our security problems rather than relying on the analogue approach that has taken us  nowhere. Don’t we have people in government who are aware of how other nations provide  security for their citizens through modern technology?

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