Lagos ACN Tasks Tribunal On Ekiti Gov Re-run Case

Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC Publicity Secretary.

Joe Igbokwe, Lagos AC Publicity Secretary.

The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has urged the judiciary to  ensure it charts the path of honour in judiciously disposing of the Ekiti State  governorship re-run elections petition instituted by the ACN candidate against the  incumbent governor, who is of the PDP.

Joe Igbokwe.

The party said the Nigerian judiciary must not allow desperate politicians to muddle its  integrity in the quest for transient power, insisting that Nigerians look up to the  judiciary for succor in the face of the remorseless inclination of the PDP to hold onto  power at all levels and at all costs.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe  Igbokwe, the party says that the judiciary is presented with a golden opportunity to  write its name in gold by the Ekiti governorship case, which has been twisted for long  when it should be a simple issue that is clear to all and sundry. It said that the  judiciary must be mindful of the public opprobrium some bad eggs on the bench has  attracted to it and signal a fresh start especially as the 2011 elections draw nearer.

“We want to believe that the judiciary has learnt tremendous lessons from the unfledged  public pillorying it has received in the hands of disappointed Nigerians who are saddled  with and endless litany of miscarried justice and very controversial adjudications over  the widely flawed 2007 elections. We know that the present leadership of the judiciary is  mindful of the fact that Nigerians have come to associate the judiciary with so much  sordid details of compromise arising from the handling of cases arising from the 2007  elections, adjudged the worst ever in the history of elections in Nigeria. we note that  while the judiciary was able to redeem itself creditably in one or two instances,  allegations of wide scale corruption, compromise and perversion of justice remained the  hallmark of public perception of the judicial handling of the fallouts of that hugely  scrambled election.

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“The Ekiti electoral dispute presents one glaring case of controversial adjudication that  is yet to clear and this has became a huge burden the judiciary must discharge else it  gets further enmeshed in the deep-layered conspiracy to deny the Ekiti voters of their  dully elected governor. We urge the Appeal Tribunal to remain firm and steadfast in  ensuring that justice is done in Ekiti, no matter how long it takes. This will further  strengthen the judiciary and its resolve to ensure that the integrity of the judiciary is  preserved among selfish politicians who will do anything to take advantage of the  electoral system for their selfish ends.

“Lagos ACN is perplexed that there have been reported attempts to divert or arrest the  impending judgment of the Appeal Tribunal. This remains an audacious effort by electoral  thieves to preserve their loot by all possible means. We therefore urge the Chief Justice  of Nigeria, the President of the Appeal Court , who incidentally is handling the Ekiti  appeal tribunal case, not to allow the integrity to be tied to the selfish interests of  few desperate politicians and their ilks.” Lagos ACN is aware that all Nigerians know the  details of what transpired during the re-run polls especially the infamous Ido Osi  charade on which false platform, the PDP and Segun Oni is keeping the mandate freely  given to Kayode Fayemi and the ACN. We believe this is the central key to decide who the  truly elected governor of Ekiti State is and we believe that the judiciary will not allow  further muddling of its name by pander8ing to the deadly wishes of the PDP.

“We urge the Appeal Tribunal to dispense justice on the Ekiti case without fear or favour  and signal a readiness to tackle the fallouts of the impending general elections in  2011.”

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