Lagos Community Protests Neglect


Residents of Town Hall Street in Ifelodun Local Council Development Area of Lagos State,  South West Nigeria, have protested what they described as lack of government presence in  their community, attributing it to the area council’s insensitivity to their plight.

They also said that since the council has been established some years back, there has  been no government presence in terms of roads and water projects, among other social  amenities, while the Primary Health Centre (PHC) recently built by the present  administration cannot be accessed as a result of bad road.

Alhaji Ibrahim Seffa, a resident, told Lagos Bulletin that the community decided to  embark on the protest after waiting in vain for government to extent the dividends of  democracy to them.

Seffa claimed that the only drainage built by the council was done about seven years ago  and it is already in a state of collapse due to bad state of the road.

“The problem we have here is that since the LCDA was established, it can not lay claim to  a single road to have been constructed or rehabilitated. The council built a health  centre here which we don’t have access to. We cannot use it because there is no road to  get there.

“It is on this premise that we are here to make the chairman feel our problem and proffer  solution to it.

Seffa also claimed that for over 15 years, the community is usually flooded any time it  rains, another problem which the community wants the council to address urgently.

He appealed to the council authority to construct roads in the area, especially the one  leading to the health centre, so that people may have access to the facility.

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Apostle Innocent Chiboka, another resident also said that the only development in the  community was only through.

“This is a community does not experience dry season, the whole place is always flooded  any time of the year and this is caused by lack of functioning drainage system and bad  road.

“We are here to make the council chairman know what we are going through so that  something urgent could be done about it.

“Since the creation of this local government, our community has not benefited anything  from government, it has always been fixing everything by the residents. We feel it is  high time government did something about our plight.”

However, the community representatives were unable to see the council chairman, Mr. Taiwo  Adenekan, but his Personal Assistant, who identified himself simply as Femi, advised them  to channel their complaints through the councillor representing them in the council.

A visit to the community revealed that the whole place in shambles, while the roads have  been taken over by refuse.

The council chairman could also not be reached for his comments on why the community has  been neglected.

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