NTP Shops For Credible Candidates


The National Transformation Party, NTP, has said that it will present a credible platform  that would not create impediments to the ability of genuine patriotic, competent,  visionary and law-abiding Nigerians to come out of their complacency and seek political  office so as to contribute their quota in bringing about national transformation in  Nigeria.

The National Chairman of the party, Mok Emmanuel said this during a courtesy visit to the  corporate headquarters of TheNEWS/P.M.NEWS on Acme Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. He  stated that the party is out to recruit, prepare and promote competent and upright  leaders for election and excellent service at all levels and arms of government in  Nigeria.

He said: “Corruption has to a large extent perverted the democratic process in Nigeria  such that today the general belief is that the votes of the people are not instrumental  in deciding who gets executive office.

“Elected officials therefore do not feel beholden to the electorate and so use the  offices to please their political machinery/godfathers and themselves. This situation  must be challenged and made to change. The resources being mismanaged daily are our  collective national heritage,” he said.

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He added that to sit back and complain, not making any effort to stop this and engender a  new cause of action is truly a sin against God who made us Nigerians, against ourselves  as men and women with rights to these resources, to our children whose rights we are  custodians of and to who we must account.

Speaking on the objectives of the party, he said: “To create awareness and mobilise all  citizens of Nigeria to set a new agenda for massive and rapid development. To prepare a  visionary programme based on the aspiration, contribution and initiatives of the people  of Nigeria for rapid development.

“We want to mobilise resources through the voluntary contribution and participation of  all citizens for the successful prosecution of the national transformation project and to  be a party that will promote godly values in the society and in government and  effectively execute a people’s programme for national transformation.

—Jamiu Yisa

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