Idanre Hills Resort Undergoes Facelift


As the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) is set to  name the Idanre Hills Resort as one of world heritage sites. The resort and its environs  are currently undergoing a facelift.

Investigations revealed that as soon as the UNESCO group contacted the Ondo State  government, the Segun Mimiko-led administration sprang into action by beginning a  restoration work on the hills.

When P.M.NEWS visited the hills on Tuesday it was discovered that construction work had  begun in earnest to beautify it.

Some of the old structures being reclaimed include first primary school in old Idanre  settlement named Igbo Ore Primary School, the ancient town court room, Asurin Quarters,  the old palace of the Owa of Idanre kingdom, the footpath leading to the wonderful rock,  the unreadable rock and other areas.

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A source close to the Ondo State government told P.M.NEWS that as soon as the approval is  given, the government is planning to renovate the dilapidated government chalets in the  new town on top of the hills, and also construct   a seven star hotel.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the 4th Festival of Indegenous African Language  Films held at the Owena International Hotels, Akure, Ondo State the Commissioner for  Culture and Tourism, Hon. Tola Wewe confirmed UNESCO’s involvement in the Idanre resort  project, saying that the state government will do every thing possible to make sure that  the ancient resort is listed among the world heritage sites.

Some of the world heritage centres are the Pyramid of Egypt, the Great Barrier Reef in  Australia, the Barouoque Cathedrals, of Latin, America, etc.

—Ayodele Lawal /Akure

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