Policeman Impregnates Daughter 4 Times

Hafiz Ringim, Inspector-General of Police.

Hafiz Ringim, Inspector-General of Police.

A 43-year old policeman,  Corporal Lanre Ramoni, attached to Agbara Divisional Police  Headquarters in Ogun State, is currently being detained for having sex with his daughter  for four years. He also aborted her pregnancy four times.

Hafiz Ringim, Inspector-General of Police.

His daughter (name withheld), 19, is an SSS 3, student and the only child.

P.M.NEWS investigation revealed that Corporal Ramoni, has been having sex with his  daughter since she was 15 years old.

He even compelled her not to tell anyone about the illicit affair.

The cat was let out of the bag on Monday when the girl got to the school with bruises all  over her body and when a classmate of hers asked her what happened, she opened up on what  transpired between her and her father.

further learnt that her classmate (Joke) on hearing this, ran to one of the  teachers who later told the principal of the school about it.

Her father was invited to the school. On arrival, the girl confronted him right in the  presence of the principal and the teachers.  She accused her father of having sex with  her several times and also showed all the love messages he sent to her phone.

Two of the messages which were shown to P.M.NEWS read: “I love you so much, you are good  in bed than your mother,” and “Hope you haven’t told anybody that I am having sex with  you?”

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The police authorities later waded into the matter by arresting the Corporal who is now  in detention.

Narrating her ordeal to P.M.NEWS, she said: “please, brother, do not put my name in your  paper, my dad Corporal Lanre Ramoni, attached to Criminal Investigation Bureau, CIB,  Agbara police station has been having sex with me since when I was 15 years old and he  made me swear to an oath. He told me if I revealed my relationship with him I would die.

“And I kept it to my chest until now that I am 19 years old. My dad sent my mother  packing for no reason. Each time he wanted to make love to me, I always tell him ‘Dad,  but you are my father you slept with my mother now it is my turn.’ I would cry but he  always threatened to kill me. I aborted my pregnancy four times for him.

“Some times he would beat me when I refused but last Sunday, 3October, he wanted to sleep  with me and when I didn’t allow him, he beat me silly and that is why I have all these  bruises all over my body.

“When I go to school on Monday, my friend asked what caused the bruises and while I was  crying, I told her that I won’t talk because I would die. When she persisted I told her  how my dad beat me because I refused to let him have sex that night with me. Immediately  I told my friend what happened, she ran and reported to the school authorities who sent  for my Dad. And in the presence of everybody, I confessed and showed them the love  messages my dad sent into my phone. And Dad said yes it was true.”

Ramoni admitted the allegation in his confessional statement to the police at Agbara  where he is being interrogated.

—Oluwole Adeboye

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