Welcome To Stallion's Seven Brands


The long-time industry veteran (including some boring years in Alliance Autos) has been  hired to be the M.D of Stallion’s auto operations. Good luck with that, Singh. But if  they asked us, these would be the words of wisdom flying across the conference room table  at the very first meeting.

“Well, first-off, you can start by stop screwing things up. And secondly, you’re in the  car business (last time we checked) and you better get back in it. And finally, don’t  ever let what happened to Nissan’s marketing strategy come before you again. Pick the  right PR guys and remember everyone is your target market.

Mr Singh, there are salient questions you must answer for us to know where you are  heading, considering the fact that you are now going to head seven different brands of  vehicles, unlike when you headed only two brands – The Renault and The Nissan, and the  Nissan company is complaining bitterly about sales immediately you vacated their office.

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According to an official release from the Nissan office to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  and some newspapers, they accused your managerial abilities to lead Nissan to its  glorious height. Take a bite: “The Nissan Motor Company Ltd. has put its annual vehicle  sale to Nigeria at 4,000 units, saying this is attributable to its difficulty in  understanding the market. Michiharu Kayamoto, the Manager, sub Saharan Africa and Near  East Department, made this known in Yokohama, Japan, when the UNIDO Delegate Programme  team visited the company.

“This figure is too small compared to what Toyota exports to Nigeria and we really will  want to improve on this,’’ Kayamoto told the News Agency of Nigeria. However, he said  generally, Nissan vehicle sales to Africa dropped from 72,000 in 2008 to 42,000 in 2009  and the figure remained the same in the first quarter of 2010.

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