5 Causes Of Bad Breath


Bad breath will kill your social life, so it’s reasonable that you should figure out what  may be causing it. Some causes, like spicy foods, are easy to fix, but others may well  point to something more serious. But let’s take this step by step.

How do you know you’ve got bad breath? Well, people may be keeping their distance, but  may be too polite to tell you the real reason.

If you’re lucky, someone will be direct, but failing that, you can lick your wrist and  smell your saliva – if it stinks, your breath probably does too. The possible causes of  bad breath:

Smoking: Are you a smoker? Smoking, aside from the many other obvious ways in which it is  bad for you, will make your breath smell of stale smoke. It will also irritate your gums  and may increase your risk of gum disease, which can also cause bad breath.

Solution? Stop smoking.

Food: Next is food. If you like your garlic and onions raw, you’ll just have to choose  between this particular passion and decent breath. Alcohol and coffee also affect your  breath, but fortunately you can get rid of your bad breath by limiting your intake.

Solution? Watch what you eat and drink.
Keep in mind that eating infrequently, or dieting can also cause bad breath. This is also  the case if you’re not eating carbohydrates. There, eat that croissant without guilt -  it’s good for your breath.

Hygiene: Of course, if you’re casual about keeping your mouth clean, no amount of cutting  down on garlic will be of help. The old “I’ll brush in the morning” routine doesn’t  really cut it.

Your mouth is full of bacteria which cause plaque, gum disease and dental decay.

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When the bacteria are mixed with saliva and food trapped between your teeth, a bad odour  ensues. The bacteria can also reside on your tongue, which will also impact your bad  breath.

Solution? Obviously, floss and brush, at least twice a day. Use a toothbrush with soft  bristles, and take your time to clean the teeth and scrape the tongue.

You can also rinse with anti bacterial mouthwash, though this does not replace brushing  your teeth, no matter what your friends tell you. Visit a dentist.

Gum disease: So, after reading this article you’ve been diligent and keeping away from  the garlic and brushing furiously, but the bad breath persists?

Well, you might have gum disease or dental decay. This is something that should  immediately be addressed by your dentist. Medical problems: Though this is rare, your bad  breath could actually indicate a medical condition.

For instance, your mouth might not be producing enough saliva, or you could have an  infection in your lungs, throat or nose. The bad breath could also indicate you have  diabetes, liver or kidney problems, or that you suffer from heart burn.

If you’ve been diligent about your oral cleanliness and the bad breath persists, see your  GP.

And if you’re not quite concerned enough yet, here is something that will make you brush  as soon as you’re done with this article. Recent studies have confirmed that poor oral  hygiene can actually increase your risk of heart attack.

This is because poor hygiene can lead to bleeding gums, which provide bacteria with a  route into the bloodstream, where they can initiate blood clots leading to heart disease.

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