Aspirant Proffers Solution To Ogun State Political Logjam


An aspirant into the Ogun State House of Assembly seat on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Semiu Alao Olanrewaju, has said that the only solution to the political impasse in the state is for the warring parties to sheathe their swords and embrace dialogue.

According to him, “the drastic solution is not far fetched. There is need for us to come to a roundtable. When you talk about people that matter is in Ogun politics, we are there because we are the greater tomorrow no doubt about that.

“But when it happens that the people at the helm of affairs refuse to come to a roundtable, it becomes confusing. It calls for questioning in the sense that the state Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel who the Chief Security Officer of the state, should be questioned,” he said.

The aspirant to the Ogun State House of Assembly under Obafemi Owode Constituency said that the political logjam in Ogun State is something of interest in that it will be hard to resolve except the two parties are ready to come down from their olympian heights to fight the interest of the common people.

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Speaking on why he left his job at Staco Insurance Plc, Lagos for the murcky waters of Nigerian politics, he said, “people call it murcky waters but I don’t see it from that perspective. I believe politics is all about governance, when you have people that matter in government, there is no point referring to politics as murcky and I don’t see it as murcky.

“Rather, I believe that I have a future in politics, I have a belief and the belief is that the PDP in Ogun State has future in Ogun State politics. I have a belief that my state constituency, Obafemi Owode has future in politics and it is on that belief that I feel its high time to vied for a seat at the legislative arm of Ogun State government,” he noted.

On changes he intends to bring into politics of Ogun State, he said, “there are some people that are born politicians and there are some that are made politicians. I can tell you that I am born a politician look at my antecedent. From student unionism, it metamorphosed into the political environment.

“As you can see, leadership is all about who you are, it’s all about your love for people, it’s all about what you can do for the people and also-about your belief in what you can deliver. Presently I am in politics and politics is what I believe in, because the world itself is all about politics,” he said.

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