Gulder Ultimate Search 7: Five Star Treatment For Winning Team


As the competition gets fierce by the day, and with the eviction of two members of the  order of heroes participating in this year’s edition of the soar away television reality  show, the Gulder Ultimate Search, drama, intrigues, squabbles, tension, failure and  success have become the lot of the remaining 10 contestants in this once in a life time  fame and fortune seeking adventurous game.

They came back rejoicing from the Place of The Talking Drum where they had gone to  display their musical prowess having been schooled earlier in the day by one of Nigeria’s  leading music divas, Muma Gee.

It was a wonderful night indeed as a delicious meal also awaited them courtesy Mercy  Itohan who was still serving her punishment. They had their fill and chatted freely with  one another before going into deep slumber.

The next morning, they all filed out at their task zone for the day’s challenge.  Bob-Manuel, the anchor, welcomed them and read out instructions of the day’s challenge; a  group game called Sandbag Suck Them. They formed two groups.

Group A was led by Adeleke and Group B was led by Atiku. At the end of the day,  Atiku‘s  group made up of Adaobi, Chukwuma, Kunle, and Sabdat, won the game. Their prize was a  five-star treatment at ‘The Tent of Luxury’.

It was a painful loss for the Adeleke-led group which was made up of Caroline, Simeon,  Ozioma and Mercy.  Mercy caused the failure of her group by her inability to cross over  the beam that others crossed effortlessly.

Their reward according to the spokesperson for the Council of Elders, Bob-Manuel, was “go  back to your camp and make sure you fix your tent, the leaking roof must be fixed  permanently. Patch up the roof properly and ensure your tent is habitable”.

While serving their punishment, the group decided to pamper themselves with the available  food stuffs. They had their bath and ate to their fill since it was just five of them.  They came together and inspired themselves happily, making the best use of their  situation.

Meanwhile, when the winning team got to the Tent of Luxury, they couldn’t believe what  they met. A cosy tent with a refrigerator filled to the brim with all kinds of assorted  chilled alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

There was also more than enough mouth-watering edibles i.e. food and fruits. Soft  mattresses, pillows and games were also provided for their total comfort within the time  frame that it lasted.

It was a memorable day in the life of the five adventurous youths, searching for fame and  fortune in Omo Forest.

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