‘High Tariff Killing Printing Industry’


The Managing Director, Academy Press Plc, Ilupeju Lagos, Nigeria, Mr. Gbenga Oladipupo,  has said that the tariff being charged by the Federal Government is impacting negatively  on the printing industry.

He stated this while fielding questions from journalists at the company’s 46th Annual  General Meeting (AGM), held recently at the company’s office in Lagos.

According to him, “we are in an industry that is largely import-dependent and  government’s tariff is having negative impact on the industry.

“For people that import finished goods, they pay next to nothing in tariff, but we that  are producing and employing Nigerians, are paying enormously.

“The other aspect is government patronage. Government does not patronise the local  printers, who are the real printers. The situation at the moment is that of  ‘man-know-man’ which is working against us.

“There are certain government policies which have limited the growth of the industry and  we need government to take a critical look at these issues.”

Speaking on how the company was able to stay afloat in the light of the harsh economic  condition in the country, Oladipo said “we take our job very seriously and make sure that  we keep our quality and standard.

“It is not easy, but we have been able to retain our customers. We have been able to  retain their confidence and that is what

— Paul Sanusi

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