Akande, 2 Others Jostle For ANPP Ticket


The former ANPP Board of Trustees (BOT) Chairman, Chief Harry Akande, has expressed  interest to join other aspirants vying for the presidential ticket of All Nigeria  People’s Party (ANPP), ahead of 2011 general elections.

Akande’s interest increased the number of presidential hopefuls in the party to three,  following the formal declaration of two aspirants from Kano State,  Governor Ibrahim  Shekarau and Alhaji Bashiru Tofa.

Akande revealed his interest on Sunday in Abuja while speaking to News Agency of Nigeria  (NAN).

“People requested me to run for presidency, the overture is high and I don’t think I will  keep off from heeding the will of the people,” Akande said.

However, he said his coming out again to invest on the project was based on his  commitment to women and youth development in Nigeria, adding,  “such can only be possible  when the nation is adequately rebuilt and restructured”.

According to him, several calls and messages have been received from the progressives in  the party compelling him to run for the sake of the future of Nigeria.

He added that he was currently consulting with associates and political followers to  devise a winning strategy for the race.

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“I will be running for presidency to win election, and not to posture or put my name on  the list.

“Gone are the days when people say that what is important is to participate at the  Olympics and not winning the medals. That is simply a case of wanton waste of resources  and energy, as well as taking failure as a norm,” he said.

Akande further said that women and youths were crucial to the future of Nigeria;  therefore everything must be done to provide them good governance capable of securing  their future.

“Women are the pillars while the youth are my hope for a better Nigeria. They are the  hope for tomorrow, the foundation and builder of Nigeria’s future greatness and exploits.

“My investment on ANPP, as well as bidding for elective position in the country is not  for any personal gains but to salvage the nation from failing completely,” he said.

Akande added that such could only be possible if the nation did not fail in its  commitment to build a virile and serene environment for human existence, especially for  the younger generation.

He expressed his hope that Nigeria could rank among the best in the world if it was  provided with efficient management of its resources and the right kind of leadership at  the top.

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