Omole Golden Rotary Club Takes On Poverty


Rotary Club of Omole –Golden has identified hunger and poverty as critical issues to be  addressed in the community, if the goal of fostering world peace and understanding is to  be achieved.

This was stated by the club’s President, Rotarian Lekan Awogbemila after he was publicly  presented as the President of the club.

At the occasion which also featured fund raising activities for the club’s 2010/2011  service projects, Awogbemila noted that “the root cause of social strife, hostilities and  violence is hunger and poverty at local community levels,” adding that this goes a long  way in jeopardising sustainance of peace and understanding at national and global  levels.”

As a result, Awogbemila said Rotary Club of Omole – Golden has put together a micro  credit scheme which will be of benefit to a number of men involved in cassava processing  within the club’s immediate and extended areas of influence.

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In his opening remarks, the Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Kemi Phinero (SAN) said that  organisations  like Rotary International have continued to play key role as alternative  source of succour to the masses, given scarcity of funds available to government in  meeting the needs of the people.

Speaking on the projects lined up for implementation, Mr. Phinero observed that effort  geared at such laudable projects like provision of functional library with ICT support  for a public school; micro finance scheme for traders; reduction of maternal and infant  mortality, as well as conflict resolution cannot but be applauded.

While delivering his lecture, the guest lecturer, Mr. Jimi Agbaje enjoined Nigerians to  get involved in the democratic process as such is the most potent way of engendering good  governance and by extension, improved quality of life.he said, can only be possible when  citizens ensure that they elect true representatives into political offices.

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